September 28, 2018


Growing up my favorite Disney movie was Lion King – the way this generation had Frozen on repeat, I had my audio cassette tapes, because I had my parents buy new ones every time it broke or disappeared, and VHS of Lion King on REPEAT. So when I heard ColourPop was collabing with Disney – I had to see what they were talking about.

Today at 10am PST, which is 1pm EST for me -__- ColourPop and Disney releases their Disney Designer Collection featuring 6 princesses, and my girl Tiana and Jasmine are two of the 6. I already knew I was grabbing the collection but last night, I tuned into KathleenLights video to get the full tea about my upcoming purchase.

Of course, she loved everything in her PR Box – although two super shock shadows and two super shock highlighters are not included in the PR Box. There were a few lip shades that didn’t work for her skin tone but the quality was HIGH. My favorite and recommended product if you can’t afford the whole collection is the “It’s a Princess Thing” Pressed Powder Shadow Palette.

Interested in buying the collection, click the link: Also if it’s your first time shopping at Colourpop, here’s a link for $5 off:! 


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