May 13, 2018


Relationships and industry knowledge are the KEY to success in the Beauty & Fashion Industry. When booking test shoots with NYC agency models, last minute changes can always occur. Because normally the models first priority is paid work and casting calls for paid work. So while you can book a test shoot in advance. Most agency’s will not confirm the model until a few days in advance and even then the model you choose can potentially get booked for a paid job.
Having known this from working with agency’s along side my mentor Le’TiciaF.  You would think that I would have been prepared but I totally wasn’t lol.  I was really nervous because this time around it was my money on the line, my first agency model shoot and it was for my personal portfolio.  You’re probably thinking why was she so nervous? Here’s why! NYC is a really expensive city you guys.

A studio for 8 hours can easily run you $400 dollars +. Plus the cost of wardrobe, hair & makeup etc!!!



One day of test shoots can cost $650.00 + not including the cost of image retouching! So when the day of the shoot came and the first model was running late, I became nervous! Because I had paid out all of this money and I kept thinking what if none of the models show up! Lucky for me I have a dope mentor and she decided to call up one of our model friends Julie that she had shoot with before for a Magazine editorial.   After a quick call, the model quickly got in a Uber and headed to the studio where we were. I was so nervous and overwhelmed because I thought all was lost but as soon as Julie arrived the shoot began. We did a three look shoot in less than 2 hours, this included hair & makeup. I really believe, by building a relationship with Julie from a prior shoot, I was able to create some strong fashion images with her at the last minute.

We were both excited to shoot because we both had grown since our last shoot test shoot. The Moral of this shoot is recurring models and clients should always be your goal because you never know when you will need to lean on a relationship to help you grow!

Image Credits:

Photographer: Brittani Shantel
Model: Julie with State Models NYC
Wardrobe Styling: Le’TiciaF.
Hair: Le’TiciaF &
Makeup: Le’TiciaF.



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