May 12, 2018


People always ask, “Why do you assist Brittani?”, and the answer is pretty simple. I assist so that I’m able to gain EXPOSURE and so that I’m ready to LEARN. As an artist, you should never stop wanting to learn. Since 2010, I’ve been the lead Assistant for Fashion Photographer and Creative Director Le’ticiaF of Detroit, Michigan. This experience has allowed me to expand my next work by working with agency models. Build my portfolio with high-end fashion works, work on the set of editorial shoots, learn about the creative directing process, and so much more. 

Phat Magazine Editorial

By assisting, I’m learning how to develop myself as an editorial fashion photographer as well as understanding the entire business and creative side of the industry. When on set with Le’Ticia, I always have the opportunity to assists with hair, makeup, styling, and creative directing, which I believe helps set me apart from the everyday photographer. 

From gaining these amazing assist experiences, I am also becoming the “One Woman Team” Le’Ticia is. I plan to start submitting editorials soon, focusing on Beauty and Fashion Photography. Scroll below to check out some of the editorials I’ve had the pleasure of assisting & shoot on!   

Image Credit:

Lead Photographer: Le’TiciaF.
Assistant Photographer: Brittani Shantel
Hair and Makeup: Le’TiciaF.
Wardrobe Styling: Le’TiciaF.
Assistant Styling: Brittani Shantel

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