May 1, 2018

I AM Brittani Shantel

Hey everyone, I’m Brittani Shantel an up & coming fashion & beauty photographer, videographer & blogger based in Detroit, Michigan and soon to be Bloomington, Indiana!  As a female creative my goal is to provide an experience, like no other, for all of my clients. My style of creativity is chic, simple and I take pride in paying attention to every detail, while creating a story beyond my clients expectations. I normally work with agency models from New York and Chicago and my ultimate goal is to become the go to fashion, beauty and test shoot photographer for agencies around the world. Below is one of the images I created while on set of a New York test shoot. 

Image Credits:
Photographer: Brittani Shantel
Model: Arabella
Hair & Makeup: Le’TiciaF.
Styling: Le’TiciaF. & Brittani

All images are subject to copy rights. Do not use or re-post without permission from copyright owner. 


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